Basham Management & Associates partners with your company by managing your organization and projects as if it were its own. Our management team focuses on meeting the challenges present in your business, day in and day out. We supervise your organization, oversee the day-to-day operations, create a team environment and provide solutions that deliver unprecedented performance without sacrificing control.

We provide administrative support, staffing solutions, on-the-job training, and secret shoppers. We also provide annual strategic “Business Plan” direction which includes Marketing Plans; Budget & Cash Projections; and ongoing General Manager and Key Department Head meetings to ensure direction and continuous training; customized policy and procedure manuals; bonus and incentive plans focused on increasing revenue production and retention;monthly detailed operating reports; and communications with the owner(s), general staff, and clients.

Marketing & Sales Management focuses primarily on branding, and the sales department utilizes information from the company analysis to develop a customized marketing plan that conforms to your company objectives.

Basham Management makes recommendations for improvements and implements necessary changes, in addition to providing a series of marketing and sales training programs designed to streamline the company’s operation, therefore allowing the sales department to become more efficient and effective in increasing clients, client retention, and revenue. Click to view Special Offering & Contact Us to speak with one of our management team consultants so we can learn about your business needs and discover how your company will benefit from our services.