Creating the Roadmap to Success!

Basham Management & Associates, Inc. believes that Sales are the life blood of a company and understands the pitfalls and growing pains that many businesses experience. BM&A helps companies avoid lost business opportunities and increase revenue with an average between 20 – 50% within the first year. This is a result of our customized B2B and B2C business model and resources, combined with our experience, education, and team creativity.


BM&A represents our clients' company by selling their products and services, allowing our clients to do what they do best. We also provide sales management, training, a sales and marketing team, brand ambassadors, direct team support, tracking, and back office support for the sales and marketing team. Our team provides direct sales and customized marketing solutions based on our clients' company goals and budget. Contact us to discuss how BM&A can help generate clients, raise visibility, heighten demand, increase revenue, and save your company unnecessary costs.

B2B & B2C Business Development Services:

  • Outsourced Sales Service: For clients who do not want to do sales or marketing or simply need an additional sales team, BM&A will promote and sell our clients' products and services. We focus on branding the sales department and providing our sales team with continued sales training, product training, service training, and support. We also provide accountability and management, reports, and hiring processes as needed. Contact Us to learn more about our services and how we can help your organization.
  • Sales Management Service: For clients who need management to lead their sales team to achieve increased revenue and meet company goals. First, management learns about your products, services, sales systems, marketing, advertising, budget, and sales team, and identifies lost business opportunities. Second, management customizes and implements the necessary changes to avoid lost business opportunities and increase your bottom line, which may include advertising and targeted marketing efforts, sales job descriptions, sales training, lead development & tracking, promotions, necessary systems, recruiting, continued sales training, and support to generate new clients and increase client and employee retention. Contact Us to learn more.
  • Support Services & Products: Listed below are some of the services for clients with a sales team that just needs additional support to assist them in talking with key decision makers, increasing their volume of prospects, closing more sales, and/or preparing the sales person for a leadership position.

  • Appointment Setters
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Products
  • Lead Development & Tracking
  • Motivational Seminars
  • Marketing Material
  • Contact List
  • Hands-on Training
  • Advertising

Business Turnaround Services:

This service is typically a 2 to 5 year commitment for businesses that are struggling financially, internally, and/or where several departments of the company such as Sales, Marketing, & Advertising are not achieving company goals.

Basham Management & Associates, Inc. “Specializes in Business Turnarounds!” If your company is in this type of situation or heading into it then Contact Us and complete the form to schedule a confidential conference call or face-to-face meeting with one of our management team consultants and discover how BM&A can make a significant impact with your organization.