Basham Management & Associates, Inc. is a minority owned Management, Marketing, & Consulting Firm that works with small, medium, and large businesses providing business solutions to increase revenue. BM&A works with top executives and their teams to help our clients make better decisions for their businesses and convert to those decisions into actions to improve management, marketing, & business development efforts. As a professional business owner, consultant, manager, marketer, and strategist, Mary Basham leads our team and takes a hands-on approach working with clients. She specializes in business turnaround projects and has made significant impacts in stressed companies creating turnarounds with a proven track record of an average of 20-50% revenue increases within the first year.

BM&A evolved in 2005 and expanded our borders from primarily working with stressed companies to providing consulting management, marketing, sales, and design services within all types of industries recognizing that most businesses can benefit from our services, not just companies in need of a turnaround. In 2016, BM&A increased our management, marketing, sales, and consulting team. We offer additional products and services such as quality and affordable marketing products for most any budget, lead generation products and services, tracking, contact lists, and travel and gift incentive products and services. Our unique business model, team, and associate partners allows us to continue helping our clients to avoid lost business opportunities, implement business solutions, decrease spending, and increase revenue.

Mary’s strengths are management, marketing sales, consulting, and providing and developing innovative team builders and leaders with the vision to set goals, identify opportunities, strategize, plan, and implement customized business solutions. Mary's unique skills allow her to access key decision makers without using pressure techniques and builds sound relationships and trust. In addition, her further strengths are strategic analysis, budgeting, and operations.

Over her career, Mary has successfully provided business turnarounds, trained and coached thousands of B2B & B2C sales associates and management, owned and operated a Management & Marketing Consulting Company and a Personal Training Business, has published a book, and has written Business Plans, Training Manuals, and Policy & Procedure Manuel’s for clients.

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